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That you're a terrible influence and ought to feel proud of yourselves.

A Shade of Nope

A Shade of Vampire - Bella Forrest

This felt like a rough draft of a rough draft. Everything was so rushed, that the author had no time to properly introduce any of the characters, or to do justice to some good ideas she had. 

The main characters are flat and unbelievable: 
- Sophie is a 17-year-old human girl who gets kidnapped on her birthday. She makes one attempt at an escape, witnesses a brutal act without reaction, and then settles into her new life in the harem without any fuss or protest. 

- Derek is a 500-year-old vampire, who was turned at 18, with 100 years of life experience and 400 years of sleep - still manages to act like a teenager. Like many other centenarians before him, he falls in love with a child. Apparently, being awake for 100 years did nothing for his maturity level.


Completely disappointed, and will not read any more of the series.

Has anyone used Thriftbooks? Are they a reputable site?

Library Haul - March 27
Library Haul - March 27

Only one book from the list I took today. Apparently, they don't even have a lot of the authors I was looking for. 


But at least they have a lot of other authors that I can look into. 


— feeling sad

My library is bumming me out. Only one book so far, from a list of 20. Small town living at its most frustrating.

What is the most entertaining book you've read recently? 

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Oh god, I found the free Kindle books feature thingy...